Cleaning For the Flu Season

Preventative Healthcare Cleaning to fight the flu.

Prevention is key to a healthy office, America Cleaning Solutions likes to call it preventative healthcare cleaning so we will share some information you should think about when working in an office during flu season.

Know where the hand sanitizer is in the workplace?

Know if your workplace offers disinfecting wipes?

Know the high touch points in the office such as; phones, door handles, desktops, computers, workstations etc…

Promote workplace wellness to employees by:

· Encouraging Employees to Take Sick Time

· Keep The Office Clean

· Install Hands—Free Appliances

· Schedule Extra or More Thorough Office Cleanings

We at America Cleaning Solutions can help you get your office clean by providing a preventative healthcare cleaning. We address surfaces that look clean, however, are not clean; high touch point areas. Equally important, we utilize the proper cleaning products that eliminate germs and bacteria unseen by the average eye. With that said, stay healthy during this flu season.

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