Nearly 25 percent of building service contractors say the average frontline janitor stays one year or less, according to the “2019 Report On The Building Service Contractor Market.”

Filling these vacancies is becoming even harder given the low  unemployment rate and the stiff competition from non-cleaning companies such as Amazon and McDonald’s, offering a $15.00-an-hour starting wage. It is crucial that BSCs do everything they can to hold on to their best employees in this tight labor market and it starts with onboarding new employees.

At America Cleaning Solutions, Inc. we value our new employees and ensure they are trained in the area that serves our employees and customers best. We understand that everyone is different and everyone may has a different learning style. Therefore, we have visual, physical, aural, and verbal training. This has proven to solidify our employees confidence in the company and themselves, in their ability to get the job done right.

The onboarding phase is a critical time. Most employees will decide whether to stay long-term within the first six months. It is important that  new employees know what is expected of them. Supervisors should set clear goals. Then, either the direct supervisor or human resource director should check in at regular     intervals to let the employees know how they are doing.

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