The Right Janitorial Company For The Right Price!

February  21, 2020                                 February Newsletter 2020
What is the difference between an okay janitorial company and a great janitorial company: Choosing the right commercial janitorial cleaning company can be daunting. Imagine what an office building would look like without professional janitorial cleaning services. We at  America Cleaning Solutions know that our services are important for the health of the people who enter the building and in the protection of the building as an asset. The purpose of this newsletter is to share information with you so you can make an informed decision in choosing the right janitorial company. We will keep this brief because we know your time is valuable.

Common Commerical Cleaning Services (The Standard Cleaning):
Restroom Cleaning
Trash Removal
Restocking Paper and Soap Products
Glass Cleaning
Vacuuming and Moping Floors

Periodical Cleaning/Special Service Cleaning (Extra Cost): 
Stripping and Waxing of Floors 
Washing of Exterior Windows
Pressure Washing Outside of Building
Lighting Maintenance
General Building Maintenance Services 
Emergency Clean-Up
Carpet Extraction
Grout Cleaning

When choosing a cleaning company sometimes the thinking is “the bigger the better.” However, keep in mind the bigger they are the less time they have to pay attention to the details of the buildings they have. It turns out that size isn’t what truly matters. Having a company, like America Cleaning Solutions, that hire competent, well-trained staff is far more important. 

Bottom line an okay company will not: 
Care about your building as much as you care. 
Respond to complaints
Respond to emails
Respond to phone calls 
Provide acceptable customer service 
Have a supervisor 
Have an effective quality control manager.

great cleaning company will: 
Have great customer service 
Have two supervisors 
Become a service partner
Be honest
Be reliable
Return emails the same day
Return phone calls the same day
Have an effective quality control manager
Care about your building as much as you do
Come up with cleaning solutions

We both know there is more to determining whether to hire a cleaning company or not. Such as, what type of training do the people have? Do they have the proper insurance? Are their employees legal to work in the United States of America? What is there reputation? However, we know it comes down to people. Does the cleaning company treat their employees right? Therefore, here are some useful questions to ask that will differentiate a just okay cleaning company from a great cleaning company, they are: 
What if any employee recognition programs do you have? 
Where do you find good employees? 
What type of prescreening do you perform before hiring employees? 
Do you have a documented training program? 
What type of benefits do you provide your employees? 
What does your company do to promote safety? 

You can never ask too many questions when weeding out an okay cleaning company from a great cleaning company. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can gauge the cleaning company during the proposal process. How do they respond? How quickly do they respond? Are they transparent when asked questions? Are they clear when providing their numbers? Are they able to provide references? Will they give not just one but a few phone numbers for emergencies? 

In conclusion,  be aware of the standard cleaning vs. periodical cleaning. This will help when factoring cost and ensuring your budgets are set for the year. In addition, ensure you are certain about the strengths and weaknesses of the cleaning company so you know what your money is paying for. Although there is more to think about when hiring a janitorial company we can agree that how the company treats its employees is of utmost importance. Therefore ask many questions and weed out the just okay cleaning company and hire a great cleaning company. 

With that in mind, if you’re looking for a great cleaning company we strongly suggest America Cleaning Solutions
Make it a great day!