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How it Works


Step 1

Contact Us

We are always happy to hear from you. Therefore, feel free to contact us anytime.

Step 2

Schedule a Site Visit

One of our sales team representatives will contact you to schedule a day and time that works for you. This step is important because this is when we ask you questions relevant to creating a customized proposal.

Step 3

Perform Site visit

One of our trained team members will show up, to survey, measure, and to ask questions. These questions are an important step in the process. The answers we receive to the questions will help us help you devise a comprehensive proposal.


Step 4

proposal provided

With the information gathered from the site visit we will devise a customized proposal that will fit the needs of your asset. We can provide a proposal in 24 hours as long as we have been provided all the information necessary to make an accurate proposal.

Step 5

Proposal approved

When the janitorial proposal is approved and there is a signed contract we can take the next step.

Step 6

janitorial service Begins

With all things considered, we understand preparations need to be made before the official janitorial service can begin. Such as another site visit to walkthrough the property, meet tenants, setting standards, discussing scope of work, key exchange, ensuring the keys work and Q&A.


Our Guarantee

We are committed to providing the care and professionalism you deserve. Whether you are a small business or a Nationwide Company we will provide the janitorial services that your company needs… Our goal is to provide quality cleaning that you come to recognize as an asset to your overall business. We make the promise and deliver the results. That have made us leaders in this industry.

We can start immediately!

We have a large pool of employees eager to help keep your property clean.

We specialize In...

Desinfection Services

day porter service

Floor Cleaning

turn-over cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

building maintenance

"We are excited to announce that MUJI Portland has been awarded the third spot on Forbes’ recent Top 10 Retail Chain Experiences of 2019 list!We wanted to take a moment to share this milestone with you all, and thank you again for your continued dedication to keeping our store sparkling clean every day. We really value having you as part of our team, and we could not have done it without you! Best,
Anna Mae Bell
Assistant Store Manager, Portland, Oregon